How to Tell if You Have a Serious Spending Problem

People often feel like they don’t have enough money. Often, people think the solution to their financial problems is making more money… an “income problem,” if you will. While it’s possible that you do have an income problem, it’s also very possible that you have a spending problem or an expenses problem. So how …

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Do you want to simplify but still give generously this Christmas!?

Operation Simplify Christmas

I’ve kind of accidentally become a quasi-minimalist over the past couple years. I’m sure I’m not a “real” minimalist because, let’s be honest, sometimes often almost always, my house looks like this. And if I search google images for minimalist home, I get this: So yeah. I guess I’m minimalist …

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advent hope

Reflecting on Advent: Hope

Every December, our church, presumably like many of yours, spends 4 weeks on the commonly celebrated themes of Advent: Hope, Peace, Love and Joy. And each year, I’m more aware of how I and those around me so desperately long for those 4 things – hope, peace, love, joy. How …

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Jesse Tree Ornament Exchange: A simple, meaningful advent tradition for the whole family.

Host A Jesse Tree Ornament Exchange

A few years ago, our family started a really simple Jesse Tree tradition during Advent, and I loved it! A friend and I threw together a Jesse Tree Ornament Exchange as an inexpensive and relatively quick way to get a bunch of hand-made Jesse Tree ornaments for Advent. Here’s How It Works We …

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Using Magnetic Letters to Practice Sight Words

Several months ago, I started working through This Reading Mama’s Reading the Alphabet Curriculum with our 3 year old. (Get it for FREE here.) It’s designed for preschoolers, so she’s a little young, but she expressed so much interest in learning to read, I decided to go for it! Here’s how …

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Mixbook baby books are cute & easy!

Adorable Mixbook Baby Book!

About a month before Emma turned 2, I finished making her Mixbook Baby Book. Better late than never! Originally, I ordered a Lucy Darling one to fill in for her because I love the way a hand-written one looks. The Lucy Darling baby books are super cute!! But there were so many “first …

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