Goodnight, Baby!

A short & simple guide for how to get your baby on a healthy eating & sleeping routine… ASAP!

This short & simple ebook style guide is meant to help you get your baby on a healthy eating & sleeping routine ASAP!! 

All 4 of our kids were sleeping 8 hours through the night by 8-12 weeks and 12 hours by 12-16 weeks.

There are tons and tons of practical tips in here for everything related to those first several months of having a newborn, including: 

  • how to feed a super sleepy baby
  • how to get a fussy baby to sleep
  • naptime vs. nighttime sleep
  • helping your newborn get their days and nights on the right track
  • how to know when your baby is ready to sleep
  • the ideal infant day and night feeding/ sleeping schedule
  • healthy pre-sleep routines 
  • what to do when a baby wakes up early from a nap
  • how to get a baby back to sleep in the middle of the night
  • how to know if your baby is getting full

And so much more.

I’ve received hundreds of emails from parents over the last few years…

Hi, I just downloaded your sleep ebook. I had a good cry reading it. I’m so desperate to get my 3 month old to sleep during the day without me needing to wear her in a carrier. This has become especially important after bad nights when I’m up every hour with her. I appreciated your personable approach to the writing.

— Robin

Thank you so much for writing your wonderful e-book and making it accessible. My baby is 8 weeks old and it’s been a helpful resource getting him back into a consistent sleep and feed schedule.

— Elana

Just like to say I loved your ebook on newborn routines & sleep! Currently trying to adopt your approach. We started putting the advice from your book into action yesterday (I know it’s still early days as he’s only 6 weeks old) and he slept for 2-3 hours and then fed on that routine all day!  I was surprised about as this really isn’t common for Aidan!

— Frances

Our Approach to Creating Healthy, Happy Sleep Habits is:

  • relaxed yet systematic
  • flexible but routine-oriented
  • gentle & common-sense based

You don’t need to read every sleep book out there or take an expensive class to learn how to get your baby on a healthy eating & sleeping schedule.

Your baby is not different from the thousands of other babies this little book has helped get to sleeping through the night the first few months! 

This can totally work for you… After all, what do you have to lose by trying it? 🙂 

Feel free to contact me via the link on the bottom of this page if you have any questions!

*Note: this is a digital download. You’ll receive the entire ebook guide in your e-mail instantly after checking out.