advent hope

Reflecting on Advent: Hope

Every December, our church, presumably like many of yours, spends 4 weeks on the commonly celebrated themes of Advent: Hope, Peace, Love and Joy. And each year, I’m more aware of how I and those around me so desperately long for those 4 things – hope, peace, love, joy. How …

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"COMPARISON is the thief of joy." - Teddy Roosevelt

Comparison, Love, and Social Media

I’ve been thinking about comparison lately. Even after I think I’ve gotten over it once and for all, it still comes back sometimes. It creeps in slowly until I realize I’ve been comparing myself (or my house, or my achievements, or my kids, or my whatever) with others. I used to …

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choosing rest

Choosing Rest

In September, I wrote about choosing contentment in our home. Several people said it really resonated with them. And I totally understand why. We are inundated with information and ads and messages from every direction at every minute of every day. You need this. You need it now. Buy it. …

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