Hey, new momma! Have you felt desperate need of some self care or some "me" time, and then it doesn't come? A kid gets sick, or the sitter cancels, or life happens? What do you do? Find some encouragement and ideas here!

Joy and the Temporary Relief of Me Time

I thought I deserved me time. Everyone told me I did. “You should get your nails done.” “Just buy yourself a cup of coffee.” “Just do a little shopping.” “You’ll feel better if you can have a night to yourself.” And all those things are nice and were said by …

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Huge stress reliever as I was preparing for baby the first time! I was so nervous until I read this. Pinning to share with other people who are wondering what does a baby really need? Read this before any other new baby checklist- there's a great minimalist baby registry on this site too! #momhacks #firstbaby #parenting #babytips #newborns #pregnancy

What a Newborn Really Needs

I’ve been working on Emma’s baby book and thinking about what a newborn really needs. Looking through pictures from her first year brought me back in time… I was remembering the craziness surrounding the month she was born. It was a couple of our hardest months. There was a cross …

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choosing rest

Choosing Rest

In September, I wrote about choosing contentment in our home. Several people said it really resonated with them. And I totally understand why. We are inundated with information and ads and messages from every direction at every minute of every day. You need this. You need it now. Buy it. …

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stay at home mom day

A Typical Stay at Home Mom Day

A stay at home mom day can be very exciting. Between the laughter, tears, and poop, you never know what might happen. When Ben gets home and asks what we did, I often just stare blankly: huh? I don’t know.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about all that intentional mothering stuff. Raising …

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Miscarriage: Our Story

I am torn between a million thoughts and speechlessness. Between not wanting to talk about it and wanting people to know. I feel both simultaneously. It’s weird. Clearly I’m opting for the latter… For better or worse, I tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve, and it’d be hard for …

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My new most embarrassing moment

So, Addie (our 2 1/2 year old) has become more and more conversational. We can really have basically regular conversations with her at the dinner. Though her information isn’t always accurate. Dad: What’d you do today, Addie? Addie: ummmmm I went to Home Depot and the zoo and played puzzles. …

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When Your Toddler is Whining

[Side note: I wrote this post on a more-whining-than-usual-day and now the last couple days have been great. Ben was out of town for a few days, and I think the girls feel it when he’s gone. I know I do! He’s the cheese to our macaroni, the cream in …

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