I have been pregnant 5 times in the past 5.5 years. One of those pregnancies ended in an early miscarriage, but all 5 came with varying degrees of morning sickness. With each pregnancy, I had more other small children at home to take care of (because that’s how that works… ha!) Thus, I had to figure out some pregnancy tips for the first trimester in order to take care of everyone, including my preggo self. SO, here are my top 20 pregnancy tips for first trimester symptoms! Hopefully, some will be helpful and may the force be with you 🙂

This post had so many good pregnancy tips for the first trimester including some ideas for morning sickness I hadn't heard of yet. These pregnancy nausea remedies are already helping. Phew!! If you are pregnant and have a toddler at home, this lady has so many good ideas too. Pinning for reference when I'm pregnant with my second.
This post had so many good pregnancy tips for the first trimester including some ideas for morning sickness I hadn't heard of yet. These pregnancy nausea remedies are already helping. Phew!! If you are pregnant and have a toddler at home, this lady has so many good ideas too. Pinning for reference when I'm pregnant with my second.
6 months pregnant with our 4th (although I look 9 months…)

Pregnancy Hacks for dealing with first trimester nausea

First trimester nausea is a very specific type of nausea. Though some moms end up puking all the time, a lot of pregnant moms experience a subtle, persistent nausea throughout the day. Here’s how I deal with it:

1. Eat often

hunger usually exacerbates pregnancy nausea, so I eat all the time & bring snacks everywhere! Even if it seems like eating will make me puke, I choke down some crackers and the nausea usually goes away.

2. Sea Bands Motion Sickness Bracelets

This one may sound weird, BUT YOU NEED THEM!!! A blog reader recommended these to me and these sea bands bracelets worked wonders!! These little bracelets are supposed to put pressure on acupuncture points that help relieve nausea.

Generally, I’m super skeptical of “alternative” things like this. But I was desperate this 4th pregnancy, so I tried them! Highly recommend!! I bought them for $12 at Walgreens in a moment of desperation, but Amazon is cheaper.

3. Ginger & Mint

Both are supposed to help with nausea. There are flavored lozenges in both flavors. Quease Ease worked pretty well for me, although not as consistently as those Sea Bands bracelets. Tea, candy, cookies, whatever you can stomach in these flavors can help.

4. Take Your Prenatal Vitamins at Night

Taking a vitamin in the morning makes me feel super sick. At night, it doesn’t affect me at all. Win!

5. Can’t Stomach Coffee!?

My fellow caffeine addicts, this one’s for you. I LOVE coffee, but when I’m pregnant, the smell makes me want to puke. I think this is one of the common side effects of pregnancy! I hear it all the time 🙂 

Yogi brand’s “perfect energy, vanilla spice” tea is the most caffeinated tea I’ve been able to find. It has ALMOST as much as a cup of coffee.

WARNING: not every grocery store carries this. I’ve seen it at Target for around $5/ box. Otherwise it’s $20 for 6 boxes in bulk on Amazon and that’s the cheapest I’ve seen it!

Yogi has a bunch of different flavors, but not all are equally caffeinated. This “vanilla spice perfect energy” is the highest caffeinated one I’ve found! Just helpin’ out my fellow addicts!

dealing with pregnancy fatigue & exhaustion

6. Just say “no”

To drugs and also to extra things. This is my biggest tip for your first trimester! While many women feel first trimester symptoms beyond the first trimester, a lot only feel horrible for those first few weeks. Often the morning sickness will last from 6-7 weeks until about 12-14 weeks.

Obviously, you need to follow through with prior commitments that are super important, but otherwise just let a lot of stuff go. And, this is not the time to start a new class or begin a volunteer project.

Some things you might be able to say ‘no’ to temporarily:

  • Hosting/ entertaining
  • Extensive plans with friends
  • Other kids starting a new activity
  • Optional meetings at church or kid’s school
  • Anything after 6 pm because that’s your new bedtime

How Do I keep my other kids alive? 

Movies, y’all. JK but seriously. My littles watch MANY more movies than normal when I’m surviving the first trimester. Other ideas…

7. Forced free play outside

“I’m setting a timer for 20 minutes, you can’t come in.” I do this to my 3 and 4 year old ALL THE TIME, and they don’t seem traumatized 😉

8. Watercolors

minimal mess, but still painting! We love liquid water colors from Blick Art Supply. I bought them once in bulk for $33 and I’m pretty sure they’ll last until my kids graduate. That’s the best price on the market for a bunch of liquid water colors! This brand of liquid water colors gets good reviews on Amazon, but I haven’t tried them personally.

Liquid water colors are 100x more brilliant/ brightly colored than regular water colors and wash out of everything so easily. I don’t do any special prep to protect the table, floor, clothes, whatever…

9. Paint the deck or sidewalk

cheap paint brushes + water buckets and they can “paint” the ground!

10. Phone a friend

Ask a good friend to have your kids for an hour or two. Buy her a coffee & then reciprocate during your second trimester if your energy comes back.

11. Let your kids destroy the house

…while you lay on the couch. My kids love this “game.” 🙂

pregnancy tips first trimester

12. Giant paper ideas

  • I love having a giant roll of paper on hand for whatever… those liquid water colors I mentioned, markers, a new box of crayons, stencils, do a dots, stamps. If you roll out a big piece of paper on the floor, it’s all the more fun! And if it’s all washable, who cares if they get it all over!?
  • Stickers – Right around 2-4 years old, my kids love a blank piece of paper and some stickers. You can peel off the “background” part to make it easier for a 2 year old to get the rest of the stickers off.

13. Speaking of Busy Toddler … Rice bins!

Suzi from Busy Toddler also has tons of tips on how to get started with rice bins in this article. This type of stuff occupies kids for a long time the more they get used to it.

14. Enforce rest time/ quiet time

One perk of having kids close in age is that all 3 older ones still napped when I was first pregnant with my 4th.

My 2nd born dropped her nap pretty young, but we always just had her play in her room for a couple hours because it was the other kids’ nap time anyway. 

If you are home with other kids, one of my top pregnancy tips for first trimester is to let yourself nap every day when your littles nap!! I am not a “napper” at all… I basically NEVER nap when my kids nap… except during the pregnancy fatigue of first trimester and those early newborn days.

When your toddler is starting to drop their nap & transitioning from naps to quiet time, we use a “3 toy rule” and this “okay to wake clock.” The toddler can pick 3 toys to bring to her room, and she has to stay in her room quietly until the clock turns green.

Dealing with Cooking

Though I generally enjoy cooking, I hate it during the 1st trimester. I’m super tired & everything makes me want to puke.

15. Meal plan

Meal planning actually makes dealing with meals easier because you only have to think about meals once a week. Each day, you just look at the plan and execute. No thought required. Plus, no extra trips to the store!

16. Grocery pickup or delivery

There is no reason to set foot in a store when pregnant, especially if you have other kids. Grocery stores smell THE WORST when you’re pregnant! (Or is it just me!?) Anyway, so many offer delivery or curbside pickup services… use that! We love Walmart Pickup! Super convenient, free, and great customer service. Just make sure your pregnancy brain doesn’t order from the wrong walmart… I have ordered from the wrong one more than once!! #speakingfromexperience

I have friends who love Instacart for delivering Aldi too.

17. Double & freeze

whenever possible, double what you plan to cook and freeze the extra portion. Then, you have a “freebie” meal waiting for you in the freezer. This works well with most soups, casseroles, and marinades.

18. Crockpot

Google “crockpot dump recipes” for super easy recipes where you just dump a bunch of stuff into a crockpot.

19. Budget extra for takeout

We budget extra for takeout when I’m pregnant because we just order out more. It is what it is.

20. Spiritual Life

I’m usually an early riser. My husband leaves for work early, so he likes to go to bed early. I’ve grown to love being an early-to-bed-early-to-rise person! I love the quiet mornings, and that’s when I have more extended Bible study & prayer.

But, not when I’m surviving the first trimester. I sleep 9-10 hours a night if possible, basically going to sleep right after the kids and waking just a few minutes before them so I can guzzle some of that energy tea!

My spiritual disciplines shift during this time too. I don’t spend as long a time in regular scripture reading… but I do try to rely more on sermons via podcast listen to worship music, and pray throughout the day. There’s so much grace! The God who is growing and shaping your baby can sustain you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually through those exhausting first trimester months.

When the first trimester exhaustion passes, I’m always eager to get back to my morning quiet time routine!

Other pregnancy tips for first trimester

21. WATER – Stay Hydrated!!

If you don’t have one yet, get a leak proof reusable water bottle and drink water all the time!! Yes, you’ll have to pee a lot. But, you will have to pee a lot no matter how much you drink. And, it’s so important to stay hydrated when you’re pregnant.

I love these Takeya water bottles!! The 18 oz one is big enough to drink a lot, but small enough to fit in most cup holders. Plus, it keeps my water COLD & is truly leak proof! (That’s important when there are little people around…) It is dishwasher safe and seemingly indestructible. I actually love the kids’ ones for our kiddos too 🙂 

22. Don’t Buy Maternity Clothes Yet…

If you “pop” early, use a belly band or just the good ol’ rubberband trick to make your jeans last longer. And if you don’t have any, grab a couple flow-y tanks or tees to layer under other clothes. I’m officially a HUGE fan of ordering clothes on Amazon. The reviews and customer images help a lot with my decision making. Size up with a couple flowy tanks so that it’ll work for first trimester and postpartum.

While you’re at it, check out my ultimate guide to a minimalist capsule maternity wardrobe!

23. Pregnancy Tips For First Trimester: Bras

If your boobs get really huge and sore, try a cheap wireless bra. Just grab one in tan and one in black to get you through for now. Chances are you’ll have to also get nursing bras anyway.

I really like these wireless t-shirt bras from Victoria Secret (this is my go to every day bra and I went up a size in pregnancy!) Go up a band size and maybe one cup size too from your normal bra size. They’re often on sale for $25. Or just go in and get fitted.

Or, these wireless cotton bras get great reviews… Those $5.99 ones get insanely good reviews. I had some nursing bras that looked identical to that and I loved them.

7 practical ways to prepare for baby

I have a separate post with 7 practical ways you can start preparing for baby. It explains:

Remember, This too shall pass…

Say “no” to everything extra.

Say “yes” to ANY and ALL offers for help.

Rest in the promise that His grace is sufficient and His power is made perfect in your weakness (2 Cor. 12:9) … that includes the physical weakness that comes with pregnancy. I can’t tell you how many times I prayed the end of Isaiah 40 over myself and our day-to-day… thanking God for His promise to give strength to the weary, and choosing to wait on the Lord for renewed strength.

If you’re in 1st trimester survival mode right now, hang in there and hopefully some of these pregnancy tips for first trimester will help you!

Praise God for that little life inside of you and remember, this too shall pass. Pregnancy feels eternal and then – BAM – it’s over and you’ve got your little one. #worthit

This post had so many good pregnancy tips for the first trimester including some ideas for morning sickness I hadn't heard of yet. These pregnancy nausea remedies are already helping. Phew!! If you are pregnant and have a toddler at home, this lady has so many good ideas too. Pinning for reference when I'm pregnant with my second.