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Parenting can take a toll.

You get the nursery ready, purchase the best car seat, and read all the right books. 

But it’s not exactly what you expected.

And you can’t quite figure out… why you’re always cleaning but the house is still messy. Why you’re exhausted at dinner time even though it seems like you’ve done “nothing” all day.

And where in the world did your coffee go? (Hint: check the microwave.) 

Wanna know the secret?

It's Rhythms & Grace.

(and not expecting your mom life to look like social media.)

Adjust Rhythms

Rhythms are your daily routines. Pick the one that drives you the most bonkers. Identify why it's not working. Tweak it until you find what works for you (for now, anyway).

Choose Grace

Grace for yourself, grace for your kids. Adjust your expectations about daily life. Shorten your to-do list. Strive for excellence in what really matters and let the rest go. Whatever season you're in right now... it's just a season.

Get efficient

Cut what isn't necessary. Get organized. Prioritize what matters. Helping moms figure out how to balance unending laundry, preparing 199 meals a day, and still having mommy time so you don't go crazy is what this site is all about.

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Readers' Input

Hey 🙂
I just wanted to say hey. I'm from Croatia and my English is not so perfect... Just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your blog. You are an inspiration! I am a mom of a one year old girl and 4 months pregnant witha. second one. So, your article about 2 under 2 is really helpful. Thank you for your time invested here. God bless you!  
Mom of 2 under 2
Dear Renee,
Love your emails, thank you.
I think I said a bit about myself in the last mail I sent, but I am a South African, living in LA with a five week old daughter. I love her so much and that’s the best part - the bone crushing love I feel. What I am finding hard is the unpredictability - I did not expect that!
Thanks for your words of wisdom!
Tammy S.
New Mom
I have been doing lots of research about sleep and breastfeeding and I have to say, your blogs are my favorite so far. They make sense! I'm super excited about our baby girl... thank you for your e-book. Anything else you think will be beneficial, please let me know. 
Mom to be