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100 Minimalist Baby Registry Must Haves |Mom of 4 Shares Baby Registry Checklist

Creating your first baby registry? Here is a complete checklist of baby registry must haves! Tons of details about baby things to buy before birth from a mom of 4.

This list won’t be the universal must-have list for every parent because everyone has different preferences. Although we are not hard-core minimalists, we’ve lived in a relatively small space with all our kiddos & just had to keep baby stuff to a minimum. #tinyclosetproblems Plus, there is so much out there, it’s just silly. And […]

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Want to Start Sleep Training your Newborn? Here are 10 Reasons to Start Sooner than Later

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There are a million articles, books, and blog posts about sleep training on the internet. With a million different thoughts and opinions. Much of parenting boils down to personal preference, and our personal preference has been to sleep train our 4 kids from birth. We recommend sleep training your newborn! (Good thing we did… because […]

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Adelyn’s Birth Story

Our first girl was due January 9, 2013. Ok. So, I’m a little late on posting her birth story. Better late than never, right? I actually wrote this in a scrapbook (remember those?) a few months after Addie was born and in {brackets}, I have added a couple after-the-fact thoughts for your reading pleasure. My […]

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