jesse tree with kids simple

How to Do a Simple Jesse Tree With Kids

Have you ever heard of a Jesse Tree?  “Using a Jesse Tree at Advent involves a series of 25 daily scriptures, devotional readings, and symbolic ornaments. Each day’s theme teaches a piece of redemption history, beginning with creation and culminating with the birth of Jesus. It is visual, interactive, and …

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Even though I was nervous about starting my 3 year old with preschool at home, we took the plunge! Her interest in words, letters, and reading is what initiated it all. In fact, I can't even bring myself to call it preschool or homeschool.... we call it learning time. Read more about what finally made me give "homeschool preschool" a try!

Homeschool, Preschool, & Stuff

BIG UPDATE!! I have a whole brand new site dedicated to helping you get started with homeschool in the little years. As of this year, 2021, we have our 3rd at home preschooler. I have learned & adjusted SOOOO much of what we do with this age at home. My …

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Here are a handful of toddler montessori-inspired activities we tried at home. They're pretty easy to set up and very cheap or free. Great for a 2 year old!

Toddler Montessori Work Shelf Update

For the very short period of time that we had only one toddler in our house, we had a toddler-friendly Montessori-inspired work shelf. It was Montessori-inspired in that: Most of the activities could be completed independently. The activities were displayed in a neat and pleasing manner. Our 2 year old …

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