You know you’re a stay at home mom when…

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…the highlight of your day is a successful trip to Walmart with your kiddos.

Addie got to walk for a little bit (before she lost the privilege by forging ahead into forbidden territory). But overall, her walking or running beside the cart was a success. Emma was happy the whole time. No one cried or had to go to the bathroom. I didn’t wait in the line (a miracle in and of itself) and the cashier didn’t scoff at my price matching. BAM. Winning.

Aside from our sunshiny trip to Walmart, the rest of Monday was H-A-R-D. It was the first day back to normal life after a weekend getaway with Ben. The girls had a nice weekend with their grandparents and uncles (who are middle school-aged and super duper fun for our girls) but Monday, it was back to life with mean mommy. Jk. But seriously.

Both kids were up early & grumpy.
Addie had 3 meltdowns over nothing before 7:30 am.
Her stomach hurt all day because she resists pooping in the toilet and holds it in until she’s constipated.
Both are teething and had short naps.
Not to mention – unpacking, laundry, and a disaster of a house. Which isn’t a big deal, but a large of actual chaos and clutter doesn’t help the high state of emotions either. And then, short naps.
Sleep deprived + high emotions + house of girls = not a good combo.

Funny how once you start being grumpy, it’s pretty easy to get grumpier and grumpier! And I’m talking about me, not my 2 year old. Haha. Ben asked me the highlight of my day once the girls were in bed and I couldn’t think of one. Then I realized – it was the Walmart trip. Walmart with 2 littles the highlight of my day? That’s a first.

But then, my in-laws invited us to join them for dinner. No cooking? Grace.
And then, at the end of the day, I remembered, we had 20 minutes of bliss outside post-Walmart before nap time. More grace. My kids love to be outside.

life lately #5: a semi-regular update in photos. make your blog a journal!


Exhausted and ready for a new day I said to Ben, some days are really hard and I’m tempted by the idea of someone else doing all the hard stuff… but then I’d miss out on the good days too. 

As I write this, I’m reminded – His mercies are new every morning.
There’s always tomorrow.

And guess what? Tuesday was great.
There were sweet moments and giggles galore.
There were more smiles than tears (which isn’t always the case with a toddler).

A glimpse – playing together in Addie’s room is a new morning tradition.

What’s your favorite part? I love when Emma randomly starts shaking her head halfway through. She loves to show off her tricks. Also I like when Addie steals the egg and tries to put it in the pile of toys (she inherits some OCD-ness from her mother) and then Emma immediately looks for it and gets it back (she’s very persistent).

I’m glad I didn’t miss it.