20 Awesome Ideas for Homemade Gifts Made Easy [Updated 2022]

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In this post, you will get 20 fun ideas for easy handmade diy gifts. Whether you’re looking for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, or another special occasion, these ideas are all easy & inexpensive gifts to make.

Every one of the pictures below is from the original source website & all the links go to the tutorials. They’re all easy gifts to make rehome.

Which of the following 20 homemade gift ideas do you think you would want to make?

1. DIY chalkboard

This gift could be made for under $5 and would be a great gift idea for a gift exchange with a family member or some best friends.

2. Leather Cuff

This leather cuff is one of my favorite handmade gift ideas. It’s such a unique diy gift!

17 handmade gifts you'd actually want: The Leather Cuff
Leather cuff – this one could actually be for him or for her!

3. Instagram Tile Coasters

Instagram coasters – these are so fun for DIY Christmas gifts! These coasters are thoughtful gifts made easy. You just need some tiles, family pictures & modge podge. They’re a fun alternative to a picture frame.

17 handmade gifts you'd actually want: instagram coaster

4. Paper Tile Coasters

Paper tile coasters are cute homemade gifts if putting your coffee mug on pictures of your family isn’t your thing… You can find a free printable pattern on pinterest facebook

17 DIY handmade Gifts You'd actually want: tile coasters

5. Felt Tablet Case

(You could do manlier buttons if you were making this for a dude. or do it with leather and line the inside with felt.) Felt tablet case project instructions are here! I feel like these are a super fun, neutral alternative to the boring gift card people usually do at gift exchanges.

17 handmade gifts you'd actually want: felt ipad case

6. Button Bookmarks

Button bookmarks are the perfect gift for teachers or the avid reader. They’d be an easy gift to put together last minute for Mother’s Day or something!

17 DIY handmade Gifts You'd actually want: button boookmarks & paper clips

7. Zipper Clutch

Such a cute zipper clutch. Here are the instructions. I love this for throwing in tote bags, or as a stocking stuffer under the Christmas tree. It’d be cute for a baby shower gift too because these would be perfect for corralling mom’s stuff in a diaper bag.

17 DIY handmade Gifts You'd actually want: simple zipper clutch

 8. Cute hand warmers

These hand warmers would be cute stocking stuffers and this same idea with bigger pieces of fabric would work for microwavable heating pads too. Perfect for achy muscles, or just being pampered with one around your neck or under your feet. (ahem: good pregnant lady gift idea)

Tip – you can add essential oils (I buy these on amazon for my wool dryer balls) or vanilla extract to the rice for a long-lasting therapeutic smell. Last year, I was given a larger, microwaveable heating pad like this and it is AWESOME!

9. Monogrammed Door Hanger

Monogramed door hanger – great idea for diy gift or even just a diy crafts project! This type of home decor can be used on the door or as a wall hanging. It can be customized to lots of decor styles too. This craft project would be a great handmade gift for someone into home decor.

Some of my favorite homemade gifts have been experience related… a special way to show you care could be to buy all the supplies for you AND the recipient to do this activity together one night.

17 DIY handmade Gifts You'd actually want: monogramed wreath

10. Cutting Board Tablet Holder

The one on the right is $35 at Pottery Barn, which isn’t THAT expensive for a super cute tablet/recipe book holder. But if you’re on a tight budget like us, you can make the one on the right with a $1 or $2 cutting board from goodwill 🙂 Here’s the source for the project.

 11. Cookbook Holder

Here’s a similar cookbook holder from HGTV. I love this one!! If you don’t have all the power tools they have, you can get the wood cut at whatever store you buy it at, and hand sand it before putting it all together. This would be pretty cool for father’s day even, if you have a dad in your life who likes to cook.

17 DIY handmade Gifts You'd actually want: handmade wooden cookbook holder

12. Key Chains

Cute Keychains are a fun little gift. These would be unique homemade Christmas gifts that could be customized for anyone. They’re easy enough that bigger kids could participate in making them too.

17 DIY handmade Gifts You'd actually want: keychains

13. Paint Dipped Wooden Spoons

17 DIY handmade Gifts You'd actually want: rainbow painted wooden spoons
Painted wooden spoon
I think these are so cute! They’d be one of those easy homemade gifts your little kids could help with too. You can find an inexpensive set of wooden utensils at Walmart, Target, Kohls, whatever. Or you might have luck at the dollar store. And any color scheme would be fun. Just think about what colors your gift recipient has in his or her kitchen 🙂 You could also do a theme of food gifts and add some homemade snacks to a gift basket with the utensils.

Tip- Use masking tape to get a straight line on those painted spoons.

14. Tic Tac Toe Game

17 DIY handmade Gifts You'd actually want: handmade tic tac toe game
Tic Tac Toe – my Mom has a fun Tic Tac Toe set on her living room coffee table and the grandkids play all the time! You could gift it in a cute storage gift box too.

Hardware stores often sell those life edge wood slabs for projects now, so this would be a pretty easy gift idea.

15. Bath Fizzies/ Bombs

I’m not usually one to give fancy lotions and soaps. BUT, one of the best gifts I ever got was after my first baby. A friend gave me a fancy bath bomb thing from Lush. It was so relaxing and smelled amazing. So I’m kind of tempted to try these handmade lavender bath fizzies as a fun (and cheaper) alternative. All you’d need is a set of cheap glass jars (mason jars work well) & a few natural ingredients. You could just do a DIY bath bomb or you could find more ideas for face masks, homemade soap, etc and go all out on the DIY pampered luxury gift.

17 DIY handmade Gifts You'd actually want:

16. Monogrammed Tray

These painted and monogrammed trays are cute, and would be super budget friendly if you scored a tray at goodwill & had some old paint lying around.

17 DIY handmade Gifts You'd actually want: monogrammed tray

17. Homemade Lip Balm

This homemade lip balm is one of those things that would be super cheap if you already had coconut oil around, or if you were making it for several people. I think it’d be a great stocking stuffer or gift for teachers.

You could even gift the lip balm in a small tote bag, organization box, or some other fun teacher gift.

17 DIY handmade Gifts You'd actually want: moisturizing glossy lip balm

18. Bird’s Nest Necklaces

These bird’s nest necklaces would be a super easy homemade gift and they’re so cute. You don’t need any special jewelry making tools or anything either! I feel like my bigger girls would love making these handcrafted gifts for their friends or for their grandmas for mother’s day.

17 DIY handmade Gifts You'd actually want: bird's nest necklace

19. Stamped Washer Necklaces

For these stamped washer necklaces, you do need a set of steel stamps. They run about $15 for the whole kit on Amazon. I’m guessing you could find a set at hobby Lobby or Michael’s with a coupon too. But, again, if you’re making them for several people, $15 for several gifts isn’t bad 😉

These would be a perfect way to include your kiddos in making a special gift for a grandma. Plus using a steel stamp set would probably be a lot of fun. I feel like kids would make good use of these in the long run.

17 DIY handmade Gifts You'd actually want: stamped washer necklaces

20. Homemade Bubble Bath

This article has tons of ideas for homemade bubble bath and body scrubs! Bubble Bath is such an easy diy gift. You can gift it by itself or include it in themed gift baskets with bath bombs or homemade bath salts.

Bonus – Gift Wrap

Presentation is everything with a gift! Don’t forget some cute gift tags, pretty tissue paper, and a few festive bags or boxes. If you go to Hobby Lobby in November or December, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding any of those extra accessories on sale. To keep costs down, just do the same tags & tissue paper for all your gifts.

The gift tags are super simple accents for your homemade gifts kids can actually help with too.

Even More Handmade Gifts for Your Gift List

I promised this post would be full of EASY ideas, but if you have a little more time and want to get even more into homemade gifts, the possibilities are endless… you could do homemade candles, hot chocolate bombs or hot chocolate mixes with homemade marshmallows, diy cards or stationary sets, sugar scrub, or hand-sewn face masks in a spa kit. Keep searching online until you find what something that’ll be a good gift for the loved ones in your life.

A handmade gift is a GREAT WAY to show someone your love this holiday season. If you’re not into handcrafted gifts, check out these custom gift ideas you can order instead.


Okay, so what was your favorite of all these fun handmade gifts?!

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