Using Magnetic Letters to Practice Sight Words

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Several months ago, I started working through This Reading Mama’s Reading the Alphabet Curriculum with our 3 year old. (Get it for FREE here.) It’s designed for preschoolers, so she’s a little young, but she expressed so much interest in learning to read, I decided to go for it! Here’s how I organized that curriculum. We […]

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Adorable Mixbook Baby Book!

Mixbook baby books are cute & easy!

About a month before Emma turned 2, I finished making her Mixbook Baby Book. Better late than never! Originally, I ordered a Lucy Darling one to fill in for her because I love the way a hand-written one looks. The Lucy Darling baby books are super cute!! But there were so many “first time you _______” type blanks […]

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Skip Spouse Gifts for a Year

Doing these 50 small things will save you $10,000 this year! One idea - skip gifts with your spouse for a whole year and save at least $500. Here are some alternatives to expensive gift-giving.

If you’re accustomed to exchanging extravagant gifts with your spouse, skipping gifts for a year may seem extreme. But, hey, when you really want to get out of debt, it has to be a little extreme. Plus, it’s just one year. I guarantee that in 5 or 10 or 20 years, you won’t care that you […]

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What a Newborn Really Needs

Huge stress reliever as I was preparing for baby the first time! I was so nervous until I read this. Pinning to share with other people who are wondering what does a baby really need? Read this before any other new baby checklist- there's a great minimalist baby registry on this site too! #momhacks #firstbaby #parenting #babytips #newborns #pregnancy

I’ve been working on Emma’s baby book and thinking about what a newborn really needs. Looking through pictures from her first year brought me back in time… I was remembering the craziness surrounding the month she was born. It was a couple of our hardest months. There was a cross country move when I was […]

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How to Stop Impulsive Spending

How to stop impulsive spending: The one thing I did to change my spending habits completely!

I recently read “The Power of Habit,” by Charles Duhigg. Besides being full of fascinating insight about the habits of our brains, our corporations, and our society, it also gave me some key realizations about what some of my personal habits are, and how to truly change some of them. I hadn’t thought much about it until […]

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Homeschool, Preschool, & Stuff

Even though I was nervous about starting my 3 year old with preschool at home, we took the plunge! Her interest in words, letters, and reading is what initiated it all. In fact, I can't even bring myself to call it preschool or homeschool.... we call it learning time. Read more about what finally made me give "homeschool preschool" a try!

Our 3 year old recently started asking me about words. While reading books at home, or driving by road signs, or seeing food labels in stores, she’d ask: “What does that say, Mom? What is that word? Does it start with b or d? Look mom! A for Addie! Does that say Addie?” As her interest grew, I […]

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Comparison, Love, and Social Media

"COMPARISON is the thief of joy." - Teddy Roosevelt

I’ve been thinking about comparison lately. Even after I think I’ve gotten over it once and for all, it still comes back sometimes. It creeps in slowly until I realize I’ve been comparing myself (or my house, or my achievements, or my kids, or my whatever) with others. I used to think it was social media’s […]

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Why It Doesn’t Work to Check Your Budget Once a Month

Checking your budget once a month simply won't work. Here's why and here's how to check your budget more often, without pulling your hair out. read more:

For a long time, Ben and I would sit down at the end of every month and look at our budget. We had categories in a spreadsheet with budgeted amounts assigned. Then, we’d try to play catch up on figuring out where all our money went that month. As we categorized all our transactions, we inevitably realized […]

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