5 Comfortable Waterproof Baby Carriers Moms Love

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In this post, we will go over the five absolute best waterproof baby carriers on the market.

We had 4 babies in 5 years I have learned how vitally important it is to have a great baby carrier. I wasn’t even a wear-your-baby-all-the-time momma, but sometimes you need to just strap that baby to you, ya know!?

There is almost no way a mom of multiple kids can get everything done without the power of a great baby carrier.

Whether you are prepping for the hot, sweaty days filled with water play or hoping to baby wear in the rainy season, I can guarantee you that one of these waterproof baby carriers will be the perfect one for your needs.

So let’s get this party started.

the best waterproof baby carrier

The Best Waterproof Baby Carrier and Why?

I’m not going to drag you through the trenches of a long and drawn-out post before I get to the best baby carrier. I think you deserve to know MY top pick right off the bat.

Let me preface by saying that everyone’s body and baby are different. Just because I find this to be the absolute best waterproof baby carrier in my experience, doesn’t mean that it is going to be your holy grail throughout the summer season.

I mean, there’s a great chance that it will be, but another option from this list might suit your personal needs even better.

But that’s exactly why I’ve rounded up the 5 top waterproof baby carriers for this post. To be absolutely sure that you find one that fits your needs, your size, and your activities while giving you the perfect fit.

1. The Boba Air Ultra-Lightweight Baby and Toddler Carrier (My #1 Pick!)

I can’t say enough great things about this baby carrier. It is an absolute game-changer for hot summer days.

You may or may not be familiar with the company Boba when it comes to baby carriers. They are most well known for their stretchy baby wraps.

But did you know that they also have other types of carriers like this? One of the best made for water baby carriers. Plus it’s usually on sale for under $75!! Amazing.

The Boba Air is exactly what the title implies: ultra-lightweight. In fact, it weighs less than a pound.

On top of that it folds into itself with a convenient carry pouch. The Boba Air Baby Carrier can get so small and flat that you wouldn’t believe that it is actually ergonomic and does a fabulous job of keeping baby’s legs and hips in proper alignment, but it does.

This baby carrier is fast drying due to the lightweight and durable nylon material that it is made from, making it perfect for both water use and rainy days.

Imagine being able to actually take your baby into the shore break at the beach without fear of dropping their wriggly little body. The amount of mental relief that having a great waterproof baby carrier brings for beach days and pool days is huge.

Especially if you have other little ones running around too that you need to keep a close eye on.

The Boba Air Baby Carrier is the top choice based on a number of factors:

  • Portability. You can literally take this thing anywhere because it can fit right into your pocket.
  • Ease of storage. If you are like me in 2013 after my first baby shower, you might have multiple baby carriers for multiple uses. But then they are large & clunky & it can be hard to store them all. This waterproof baby carrier won’t add to your storage space much at all. You could even keep it in your diaper bag.
  • Ease of use. If this is your first time using a baby carrier, it’s definitely easiest to start with a traditional strapping model such as this one. Those loopy, twisty ones are snug too, but they can stretch out & be hard to get the baby just right in. Baby’s safety should always be top priority.
  • It’s quick drying abilities. Because of the airy fabric that this baby carrier is made from it drys super fast. It is a great option for sweaty baby-wearing workouts, days at a water park, hiking in the rain, or any other wet activities you might want to undertake.
  • It fits different sizes. This baby carrier can fit both a baby or a toddler, making it not only a functional but also a frugal purchase as well. It has an adjustable strap on each shoulder to fit any size child and any body type parent as well.
  • Best for wearing longer periods. Some off-centered carriers like ring slings aren’t as great for long periods as a carrier with more support like this one.
  • Can be worn on the front or back.

The Other 4 Top Waterproof Baby Carriers

While I adore the Boba Air there are some other great styles of baby carriers that can be great for water use as well. Some women prefer to use baby wraps, ring slings, etc. So I did a little research so I could narrow down the 4 other best waterproof baby carriers.

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2. Beachfront Baby Wrap

You don’t have to question what the Beachfront Baby Wrap is because it’s right in the name. You know right away that you are getting a baby water carrier.

Baby wraps are typically a pretty long piece of fabric that you wrap around yourself and around your baby in very specific ways to hold them safely in place.

There are no rings, snaps, or shoulder straps. Instead, you are essentially tying baby right onto you as women have been doing for thousands of years.

I have found baby wraps to be exceptionally helpful for really young babies (think through the fourth trimester), a baby going through any tough transition like teething or a sleep regression, or for clingy babies. I couldn’t make it through those first four months without a baby wrap.

What makes the Beachfront Baby Wrap different from a traditional baby wrap is the material that it is made from. It is a light and breathable mesh that drys really quickly.

There are pros and cons to using a baby wrap instead of a baby carrier.

Beachfront Baby Wraps’ Best Features:

  1. They are easy to store.
  2. They are easy to bring with you. Tuck it in your diaper bag, keep it under your seat in the car, or wear it wrapped around you.
  3. Baby wraps are tied fresh each time you wear them. Meaning there isn’t additional adjusting if you get smaller or bigger or if your baby grows.
  4. They soothe a baby even more than a traditional baby carrier. You are essentially swaddling your baby on you so baby wraps tend to be more soothing. Serious lifesaver with newborns, when teething, when over-tired, or with clingy/snuggly babies.

Reasons Beachfront Baby Wraps Might Not Work for You:

  1. Your growing baby is getting wiggly and curious. Because of their soft and stretchy nature, if your baby is becoming a curious toddler that wriggles around and wants to get down a lot, it may be time to transition to another type of baby carrier. They can wriggle the wrap into different, uncomfortable, or unsafe positions.
  2. If it’s really hot out (You know those days when you’re chewing ice, sitting in a fan, and spritzing yourself with water and still wish you could take off another non-existent layer to cool down.) Though the Beachfront Baby Wrap is made with very light material you are still wrapping it around yourself and your baby multiple times. If it is an extremely hot day and you aren’t actually getting into the water much, it may be a little too warm for a baby wrap.
  3. For babywearing workouts. You will want a waterproof baby carrier for babywearing exercises like a power walk or a babywearing workout class because sweating in baby carriers can get well… gross to say the least. But baby wraps just aren’t safe enough for vigorous activity.

3. Waterproof Baby Sling / Ring Style Carriers

Another popular type of baby carrier is called a ring sling or just a sling. They are easy, convenient, and much like a wrap you can just wear them and tuck your little one in and pull them out whenever you please.

How they vary from wraps is that essentially they are much easier. There is no fancy crisscrossing and tucking of the long fabric like there is with a baby wrap.

You don’t have to memorize any fancy wrap styles.

Ring slings are a lot shorter and basically just strap over your shoulder.

There are some special baby water slings like Breathable Water and Warm Weather Baby Wraps. Or even Beachfront Baby makes a waterproof wrap version.

Waterproof baby carriers in ring sling style will be made with aluminum rings or sometimes a plastic ring and muslin or another breathable material that is quick-drying when compared to traditional thick woven ring sling carriers.

Many women prefer the ease of using a ring sling. They are perfect for older babies that like to hop in and out of their carriers a lot. You can wear them while walking around even with your little one out and about without being inconvenienced.

But because ring slings offer your child more freedom, they are best suited for calm water activities.

A ring sling carrier is the perfect baby water sling option for any baby that loves being carried on the hip and the view it provides.

A ring sling provides an easy solution for beach days, splash pads, and water parks where your little one will want to get out and explore on their own a bit as well as being carried.

Who is not suited to use a ring sling?

  • A ring sling is not the best option for a newborn as it doesn’t provide enough head support if you are hands-free.
  • It might not be best if you have upper back or hip problems as it can exacerbate this pain because of the off-centered design.
  • If you are going to the beach or into deep water you’ll want to pick another baby carrier option.

For what it’s worth, I have many, many friends who loved their ring slings!! Swore by them. I’ve never had one personally though.

4. The Waterland Baby Carrier

The Waterland baby carrier is made specifically for water play. While the other baby carriers on this list are designed with lightweight material that is well suited for getting wet and drying out quickly, this one is specifically designed to be used in the water itself because it is made from wetsuit material.

Made from premium neoprene, the Waterland Baby Carrier is surprisingly lightweight and built in a traditional baby carrier-type design. With straps over the parent’s shoulders and around their waist.

If you are specifically planning a pool or beach day with a lot of water time you should definitely consider purchasing the Waterland Baby Carrier.

5. MiaMily Waterproof Baby Carrier Covers

We’ve covered the best waterproof baby carriers that dry quickly and are mostly suited for hot days and water play. But what if you are looking specifically for something waterproof to take your baby out in the rain and cold weather?

While our first choice (The Boba Air Carrier) is a great choice for hiking as well as water play it won’t offer too much rain protection for baby.

Fortunately, MiaMily makes a lots of different options of universal fit baby carrier rain covers. Some are thick like a puffer jacket and also fleece lined in addition to being windproof and waterproof. These models are sure to keep baby safe and dry when outdoors in the rain or snow.

MiaMily also has some great baby carrier covers more suited for spring and summer showers that are also wind and rain proof but not nearly as thick and warm.

What is even better is that you can attach these right to your Boba Air Carrier for additional water protection.

Are Water Baby Carriers Better Than Regular Baby Carriers

You absolutely could use a regular baby carrier in the rain or for water play. So what are the advantages of getting a baby carrier specifically designed to withstand the elements?

First, the sweat.

Baby carriers can be hot. On a hot summer day, you are wearing as little clothing as possible to stay cool. Adding on a thickly shoulder-padded baby carrier or a huge wrap can make you sweat like crazy.

I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve checked on my sleeping baby in their wrap-style carrier (nonwaterproof version) to find a little flushed face and a tiny nose flecked with dots of perspiration on a hot day.

Waterproof baby carriers are designed with thin breathable fabric, often mesh, that is strong enough to support your baby safely while not baking the two of you in additional heat at the same time.

If you are planning any vigorous activity like a brisk walk, hiking, or a babywearing workout, baby carriers designed for the water are ideal. Or you’ll end up with a sticky smelly baby carrier in no time.

So now you know all the best baby carriers for water in addition to the advantages and disadvantages of each. And what’s better?

Every one of these is available on Amazon with Prime free shipping. So what are you waiting for?


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