Do I Have A Spending Problem or an Income Problem?

People often feel like they don’t have enough money… like the solution to their financial problems is making more money… an “income problem,” if you will. While it’s possible that you do have an income problem, it’s also very possible that you have a spending problem or an expenses problem. So how can you tell which it is?  If […]

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Budgeting When You’re In Survival Mode

Ahhh!! This was an amazing resource for helping us start our first budget. This lady makes it so simple to start budgeting for beginners, break the paycheck to paycheck cycle, get out of debt, and get ahead financially. #budgeting #personalfinance #debtpayoff #getoutofdebt budgeting in survival mode

Budgeting and tracking your spending are helpful habits for anyone who wants to achieve financial goals, but budgeting when you’re in survival mode financially is a non-negotiable!! If you are exhausted by your financial mess, or not sure what the first right step is, this post is for you! You will learn exactly what to do, step […]

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Operation Simplify Christmas

Do you want to simplify but still give generously this Christmas!?

I’ve kind of accidentally become a quasi-minimalist over the past couple years. I’m sure I’m not a “real” minimalist because, let’s be honest, sometimes often almost always, my house looks like this. [easy-image-collage id=6084]   And if I search google images for minimalist home, I get this: So I guess I’m minimalist in the sense […]

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Host A Jesse Tree Ornament Exchange

Jesse Tree Ornament Exchange: A simple, meaningful advent tradition for the whole family.

A few years ago, our family started a really simple Jesse Tree tradition during Advent, and I loved it! A friend and I threw together a Jesse Tree Ornament Exchange as an inexpensive and relatively quick way to get a bunch of hand-made Jesse Tree ornaments for Advent. Here’s How It Works We had 11 people in our […]

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Cash Flowing Christmas

If you didn't save up for Christmas AND don't want to spend money you don't have on a credit card, try cash flowing Christmas! Here's how!

Christmas is fast approaching, and I’m already hearing people joke about putting Christmas on their credit card. In the past, I’ve written about saving up little by little over the course of a year for Christmas spending. It’s too late for that, but it’s not too late to cash flow your Christmas spending. No credit cards […]

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