21 Cheap DIY Toddler Toys & Activities from Stuff You Have at Home (AKA: My Kids Play with Trash)

diy toddler activities

Our zero-degree-freeze-the-snot-inside-your-nose midwestern winters are in full swing, and we are officially hibernating. I bought 3 months worth of food and we’re not leaving the house until April. The freezing weeks of winter here cause us to get a little bit creative with our indoor activities. And by creative, I mean, my kids play with our trash. […]

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100 Minimalist Baby Registry Must Haves |Mom of 4 Shares Baby Registry Checklist

Creating your first baby registry? Here is a complete checklist of baby registry must haves! Tons of details about baby things to buy before birth from a mom of 4.

This list won’t be the universal must-have list for every parent because everyone has different preferences. Although we are not hard-core minimalists, we’ve lived in a relatively small space with all our kiddos & just had to keep baby stuff to a minimum. #tinyclosetproblems Plus, there is so much out there, it’s just silly. And […]

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Want to Start Sleep Training your Newborn? Here are 10 Reasons to Start Sooner than Later

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There are a million articles, books, and blog posts about sleep training on the internet. With a million different thoughts and opinions. Much of parenting boils down to personal preference, and our personal preference has been to sleep train our 4 kids from birth. We recommend sleep training your newborn! (Good thing we did… because […]

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Life Long Readers

10 easy, specific ideas for helping your littles learn to love reading! Importance of reading to kids, toddlers; reading readiness; love of learning; reading to kids facts, tips, reading to toddlers

One of our goals for our kids is that they develop a love for reading and maintain it throughout their entire lives. To that end, here are 10 specific ways we encourage reading in our home: 1. BECOME LIBRARY NERDS We go to the library almost every week. When the girls were 1 and 3 […]

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Joy and the Temporary Relief of Me Time

Hey, new momma! Have you felt desperate need of some self care or some "me" time, and then it doesn't come? A kid gets sick, or the sitter cancels, or life happens? What do you do? Find some encouragement and ideas here!

I thought I deserved me time. Everyone told me I did. “You should get your nails done.” “Just buy yourself a cup of coffee.” “Just do a little shopping.” “You’ll feel better if you can have a night to yourself.” And all those things are nice and were said by well-meaning people. Sometimes even by […]

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