February Monthly Menu Plan

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I’ve been planning dinners at the beginning of the month and really love it! Even though I don’t mind grocery shopping, meal planning, or cooking, I’ve grown to really like doing it all less often. I used to do it every week, and it just felt like I was always sitting down to think about meals. I’ve written before about why I love planning for the month and how I make it work logistically, so I’ll get it on with it already…

The links below will take you to the recipe if there is one. An * indicates that it’s a new recipe for us, so I can’t personally vouch for it.

Generally, I serve most recipes with brown rice, a steamed vegetable, and/or a salad. Pretty exciting around here.

1 – pioneer woman homemade mac & cheese
2 – leftovers
3- crockpot chicken salsa*
4 – taco rice bowls with leftover chicken
5 – chipotle twice baked sweet potatoes*
6 – Italian lemon chicken*
7 – [family dinner night: I don’t cook] 🙂
8 – best chicken ever*
9 – creamy french onion soup & grilled cheese
10 – breakfast for dinner (pancakes + bacon + eggs)
11 – chicken enchilada soup 
12 – leftovers
13 – undecided homemade valentine’s dinner or date night
14 – [family dinner night] but I plan to make these strawberry sweet rolls for a fun v-day breakfast!
15 – mujaddara*
16 – chicken in white wine sauce
17 – pork tenderloin (the best & easiest marinade ever!)
18 – leftovers
19 – DIY pizzas
20 – spaghetti with meatballs
21 – [family dinner]
22 – 1 pan chicken, green beans & potatoes
23 – pad thai
24 – chicken bacon rollups (recipe coming soon!)
25 –
26 –
27 –
28 – [family dinner]
29 –

I usually leave the last few days open because often times, meals seem to last longer than I expect for leftovers, or we end up having an extra freezer meal or going on a date or to a friend’s house or something.

Here’s the monthly meal planning calendar I use, for free download, of course. What new recipes have you tried and loved lately, and what are some of your easy go-tos?

Free Download: Printable Monthly Calendar (for meal planning, or WHATEVER)!

February's Monthly Meal Plan: recipes with links & a free printable calendar for monthly meal planning.