choosing contentment at home

Choosing Contentment in Our Home

We have committed to basically spending no money on home improvements in our rental house. The landlords take care of necessary stuff (plumbing, new window screens, etc.) and we aren’t spending money on the optional stuff (paint, new furniture, etc.) Because the ultimate goals are to be debt-free and hopefully own a …

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Why and How I Kinda Sorta Clean My House

Call me crazy, but I used to enjoy cleaning. I found it somewhat therapeutic. Plus there’s the whole instant gratification thing. You put some work into it, and everything sparkles and looks better immediately. With kids, well… that’s just not the case most of the time. Let’s just say, our …

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This is how we vacuum

We live in a big-enough-for us-but-not-that-big ranch with 975-ish square feet. There is a living room, hallway and 3 bedrooms on the first floor that are all carpeted. Plus a kitchen and bathroom that are vinyl and fake wood/ laminate flooring. The basement has indoor/outdoor type carpeting. It doesn’t take …

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