Whether or not you're in debt, choosing not to be entitled will help you be a better money-manager. Budgeting will be easier. Impulsive spending will be a thing of the past. The decision-making power will be in your hands rather than feeling a slave to your every passing want. It's just stuff. Learn to wait. Learn to plan for spending. Break the cycle. Say no to entitlement and yes to feeling truly free.

getting over my entitlement (part 1)

Confession: I used to be entitled. (Hey, you can’t get help if you don’t admit you have a problem, right?) I wouldn’t say I consciously thought to myself that people or the world owed me anything. And I definitely didn’t call it entitlement. It was more subtle than that. More …

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I didn’t know I was marrying a nerd

Before I was married, I remember people saying “Oh I’m so glad I married my best friend.” I thought that sounded nice. But honestly, and I probably couldn’t have articulated this until recently, I didn’t marry my best friend… at the time. Ben and I met (as in, met-for-the-first-time-hi-nice-to-meet-you) and …

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