5 Things We’re Not Buying (While We Get out of Debt)

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Sometimes I’ll jokingly say to my Ben, “when we get out of debt, I would like to buy                            .”

Then we both say, “womp womp,” because it’s not really a joke. There are a lot of fun, extra, optional things we aren’t buying right now while we pay down student loans.

1. Books, Music, Movies & TV

We both like all of these things. If we weren’t giving gobs of our money to Auntie Sallie Mae, we’d load up our kindle accounts, buy new music, go to movie theaters, and watch cable.

Right now, however, we use the library or borrow books from family and friends. We listen to music we already own, YouTube channel playlists, google play radio with ads, or free podcasts.

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5 things we're not buying while we get out of debt - plus ideas for how to replace them.

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