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  1. The comments on my site are turned off now, but I'd love to hear from you on Instagram! Follow me there & tag me in a comment or DM me. Xo I'm @MrsReneeCook on Instagram!
  2. Hi, I am new to this and reading your blog a few time to make sure I have it correct, btw, Thank you for this information.I am writing to ask you to send me the template for the prayer book you made. This would be an awesome gift.
    Thank you again,
    Pamela Aperans

  3. Shoot!! That organizing and reorganizing sounds like such a hassle πŸ™ Sorry!! So I’m not sure about the multiple sizes thing…My sister in law had issues with the dates when she uploaded. Google photos put some of her pictures at the wrong year and it’s been such a hassle. In terms of organizing across multiple platforms… what I would do is go one device at a time and get everything into google photos. Make sure your google photos setting is “syncing” so that no matter what device you’re on, it’s updating google photos across all accounts. Maybe you could have 2 baskets on your desk or something? “To upload” and “done” And then just put all the devices that you haven’t gotten to yet in the “to upload” basket? IDK if that really helps… what other questions do you have? You can email me πŸ™‚

    For mixbook – Ijust go chronologically. And if we have a bunch of pictures from a family vacation or special event in the middle of July, for example, I might do one page for the rest of July and a few pages for the event. Does that make sense? Chronologically feels simplest to me each year, but IDK if that would work for everyone.

  4. Hi I have read your photo organizing blog 7+ times (because I have attempted to do this 7+ times). How do you recommend organizing and trying to declutter Gphoto cloud library when I have photos living across icloud, old phones, hard drive, sim cards & google photos (my main hub). My issue is that some photos uploaded in full size and others didn’t. Then across devices the name has changed so I’m finding a lot of double uploading.

    I am a big fan of Mixbook for yearbooks! My last few have been so beautiful and I love them. Could you share any organization tips or templates that you used when you created your yearbooks? Sorting the photos is the longest process for me and I try way too hard.


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