Homemade Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese

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This has been my go to lunch for a couple weeks now. Not every day… but almost.

homemade tomato soup + grilled cheese varieties

It’s so so good.
I know it’s a staple and probably doesn’t need any instructions, but here’s how we do grilled cheese and tomato soup around here.


*Get the milk out and measured before you start heating the butter and flour so that you don’t burn the butter-flour mixture.

  • Melt 1 Tbsp butter in sauce pan on stove.
  • Whisk in 1 Tb. flour.
  • Slowly stir in 1 C. of milk*.
  • Heat through on medium-low.
  • Add a regular sized (14.5 oz) can of tomato sauce.
  • Season with basil and pepper & stir until heated through.

This makes 2 generous servings. I’ll either have it 2 days in a row or share with a friend who’s over for lunch. If we’re having it for dinner, I’ll sometimes double everything so I can use it for lunch the next day. It’s so easy and delicious and reheats well for a couple days. You can also do the whole thing in the microwave if you have a giant microwave safe bowl.


For the grilled cheese, I like to use whole wheat sour dough bread. Ciabatta or a french loaf would be yummy too. I get it near the bakery and produce area of the grocery store rather than the bread aisle. I don’t need fancy bread, but it is so much better 🙂
(Addie gets her grilled cheese on not-fancy store brand bread.) And if I’m feeling sassy, I’ll throw some turkey on. Deeee-lish.

Some other fancy grilled cheeses we like:

  • Bacon + Guacamole + Cheddar
  • Use Challah bread
  • Swiss + Mushrooms
  • Turkey + Swiss
  • Ham + Cheddar

Anyone else have a tasty variety to share? Enjoy! 🙂