Mama’s Chili

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Y’all. I am sharing my mom’s chili recipe over at Jessica Wood’s blog today. Remember her? She shared her to-die-for Apple Pie Crescent Rolls here last month. Those were tasty.

Anywho, she and I did a chili exchange this week. She shared her mom’s crockpot recipe here the other day, and now I’m sharing my mom’s on her blog.

My mom spent the early part of her childhood in the south, and this is her “mama’s” recipe… let’s just say they don’t mess around with their chili down there.

Channel your inner southernness, and make this chili asap. You can thank my mom later.

Also, last time I made this I forgot the fritos. Do not forget fritos. Put fritos on the chili, always.

Get the recipe over on Jessica’s blog, and while you’re there, stick around and snag a few more tasty recipes, because her stuff is GOOD.

Enjoy 🙂 And as always, let me know if you make it!

I may not know how to take an awesome picture of chili, but I do know how to cook it. This recipe has been in my family for generations & it is hands down my favorite chili ever.