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Infant Sleep Training: A Complete Guide To Teaching Your Baby to Sleep

I’ve been wondering how I could contribute to starting the third world war. What better way than writing about infant sleep training? I mean, if anything gets mommas’ panties in a bunch, it’s talking about sleep training philosophies. Amiright?

But seriously, here’s my disclaimer. These are the sleep principles that have “worked” for us with 4 children. “Worked” meaning they slept long stretches (10-12 hours) at night early on (by 12-15 weeks old), and have basically remained good sleepers through infancy and toddlerhood. 

I’ve also seen these principles work successfully for many other parents.

Here are the types of situations that seem to REALLY LOVE this sleep training guide:

  • A pregnant or adoptive mom who plans to go back to work after 6-12 weeks
  • A stay at home mom who wants to be able to leave the house, plan appointments
  • Anyone who wants their baby to sleep through the night in baby’s own bed within the first 3-4 months.
  • Anyone who wants a predictable nap schedule established in the first 3 months.
  • Anyone who has a baby they feel like they can’t put down. (Hint: that was me with our first!!)
  • Anyone who finally rocks their 2 month old to sleep after an hour, only to try to lay the baby down and have him start crying again.

Basically, if you want your baby to go to sleep easily and stick to a general routine, I wrote an ebook for you!!

The sooner you can start, the better. We started these methods within the first 2-4 weeks for all 4 of our kids and it was such a game changer.

The primary goal of the ebook guide is encouraging moms in their efforts to get baby to sleep. Because sleep is awesome. A well rested baby is a happier baby and a well rested parent is a happier parent. (And all the sleep-deprived-coffee-addicted mommas said, “AMEN!”)

You can buy the book and read testimonials HERE.

Or you can check out the first 2 chapters for yourself!! These 2 principles alone will make a huge difference in helping your baby learn to sleep on his own. Plus, you’ll get to read the intro to the ebook which explains more about the philosophy and heart behind this method.

I hope these sleep training principles are helpful to you!!

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