I love stockings!! It’s one of my favorite traditions. I have such good memories of stockings as a kid, and I LOVE picking out stocking stuffers for our kids. But, I really don’t like filling it with random crap that breaks or gets boring in 3 seconds. 

Here are the stocking stuffers we’re doing in 2019:

Shhh. Don’t tell our kids. 

  1. Fake old school cell phones. (They come in a pack of 4 or 5 for about $20.) So fun!! My kids LOVE playing with grownup stuff. 
  2. Chapstick – our 22 month old has taken to putting it in his ear… so we’ll see how that goes #4thchild (This holiday flavor pack is fun!)
  3. Gum – Somehow, our kids still think gum is like an AMAZING special treat. Kids are awesome.
  4. Card games – Gonuts for donuts and Phase 10 are this year’s card games of choice. Some other stocking-stuffer sized games our kids have enjoyed are Spot It (we started with the “animals” jr version which is great ages 3-5, and eventually got the regular one.) Flash, Sleeping Queens, Uno, and this fun multi-pack of kid card games. (If you get that last one, they come individually packaged inside so you can totally get the pack of 6 games for $7 and divvy up the games between multiple kids!) 
  5. Ornaments – I usually snag one at Target for each kid depending on what they’re interested in that year
  6. Rainbow makers/ prism catchers – seriously these are so fun!!! (Those are 2 for $8 ish, and have a hole in the top for a string to go through. Or if you want one with a chain, these are 2 for $12 ish.)

In year’s past, some other kid stocking stuffer hits were… 

  1. Change purses – this 7 pack for $7 is fun! You could gift one to each kiddo, and save the rest for birthday gifts throughout the year.
  2. Pencils like this – remember these!? 
  3. Other fun pens/ markers/ oil pastels/ art supplies
  4. Tiny notebooks
  5. Wooden train accessories – we did cool train bridges in stockings last year (bridge 1, bridge 2, bridge 3
  6. “Real” keys on a keychain – are my kids the only ones who love playing with grownup stuff? Sparkle unicorns, superhero keychains, emoji, pizzas ha! If there are too many in a pack, save some for birthday gifts throughout the year. 
  7. Fake cameras
  8. Jewelry or hair clips. My 5 year old this year said the only thing she wanted was a “clip collection.” Haha!! She’s getting these & these & a unicorn clip holder. I hope that’s what she meant! 🙂

    unicorn | snap clips | butterfly clips
  9. Picture books like this with printed pictures they’d enjoy. Picture below is from Amazon but you can find them at the dollar store or walgreens for cheaper!
  10. Light sabers – My sister in law did these for her kids one year. Fun aunt award! These old school ones are classic & my kids have loved borrowing their cousins’ ones. These battery-operated LED ones look SUPER FUN too! 

I’m sure I’m missing some – those are just a few ideas off the top of my head! What have been your kids’ favorite stocking stuffers? I’ll add to my idea list with your ideas!

best unique stocking stuffer ideas