Life Uncluttered: A Mercifully Short Guide to Decluttering that Actually Works!

The Life Uncluttered Workbook is a short & simple workbook that will take you through the 4 important steps of decluttering. 

If you’ve ever set out to declutter your home (or any other area), you know that it can quickly get overwhelming. 

You see the pile of stuff and get overwhelmed at the thought of sorting through it all. Or you get started but quickly experience decision fatigue over every little item. 

This workbook is meant to help you reframe your THINKING around decluttering your life & give you step by step ACTIONS you can take to make progress. 

You don’t need a 5 hour video course or 185 page book to help you declutter.

You need to quickly learn WHY you WANT to declutter and what’s holding you back. And then you need a practical to do list so that you can make progress and experience the quick wins!!  Those two things are what this workbook is all about. 

And it’s short.

Like, 10 pages short. 

You can get through the whole workbook in 30 minutes and get going on the action items RIGHT AWAY! 

This method works. 

STEP 1 – find a why

STEP 2- take your time & brain back

STEP 3 – batching & quick wins

STEP 4 – declutter & toss 

Give it a try 🙂