Motherhood Encouragement

Joy and the Temporary Relief of Me Time

Hey, new momma! Have you felt desperate need of some self care or some "me" time, and then it doesn't come? A kid gets sick, or the sitter cancels, or life happens? What do you do? Find some encouragement and ideas here!

I thought I deserved me time. Everyone told me I did. “You should get your nails done.” “Just buy yourself a cup of coffee.” “Just do a little shopping.” “You’ll feel better if you can have a night to yourself.” And all those things are nice and were said by well-meaning people. Sometimes even by […]

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What a Newborn Really Needs

Huge stress reliever as I was preparing for baby the first time! I was so nervous until I read this. Pinning to share with other people who are wondering what does a baby really need? Read this before any other new baby checklist- there's a great minimalist baby registry on this site too! #momhacks #firstbaby #parenting #babytips #newborns #pregnancy

I’ve been working on Emma’s baby book and thinking about what a newborn really needs. Looking through pictures from her first year brought me back in time… I was remembering the craziness surrounding the month she was born. It was a couple of our hardest months. There was a cross country move when I was […]

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Choosing Rest

choosing rest

In September, I wrote about choosing contentment in our home. Several people said it really resonated with them. And I totally understand why. We are inundated with information and ads and messages from every direction at every minute of every day. You need this. You need it now. Buy it. Read this. Go here. Go […]

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A Typical Stay at Home Mom Day

stay at home mom day

A stay at home mom day can be very exciting. Between the laughter, tears, and poop, you never know what might happen. When Ben gets home and asks what we did, I often just stare blankly: huh? I don’t know.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about all that intentional mothering stuff. Raising my kids up to love […]

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Miscarriage: Our Story

I am torn between a million thoughts and speechlessness. Between not wanting to talk about it and wanting people to know. I feel both simultaneously. It’s weird. Clearly I’m opting for the latter… For better or worse, I tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve, and it’d be hard for me to carry on blogging […]

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My new most embarrassing moment

So, Addie (our 2 1/2 year old) has become more and more conversational. We can really have basically regular conversations with her at the dinner. Though her information isn’t always accurate. Dad: What’d you do today, Addie? Addie: ummmmm I went to Home Depot and the zoo and played puzzles. Me: nope, we had a […]

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When Your Toddler is Whining

So, what do you when your toddler is whining? Sometimes I want to shout as loud as I can "STOP WHINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why are you being such a.... 2 year old?"

[Side note: I wrote this post on a more-whining-than-usual-day and now the last couple days have been great. Ben was out of town for a few days, and I think the girls feel it when he’s gone. I know I do! He’s the cheese to our macaroni, the cream in our coffee, the bacon to […]

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Don’t Call My 2 Year Old Terrible: One Key to Thriving During the “Terrible Twos”

What if the terrible twos don't have to be terrible? This one main idea is key to transforming the way you think about the terrible twos. Plus tons of other practical tips for dealing with toddler behavior, toddler tantrums, time out, etc. One of my go-to best parenting blogs super helpful for me! #toddlers #toddlerdiscipline #parentingtips #parenting #2yearolds #behaviormanagement #toddlerbehavior

I stumbled upon this article one day, talking about Pink (the singer). It wasn’t super interesting or anything, but one thing struck me. She was interviewed about her 2 year old and the phrase “the terrible twos” inevitably made it’s way into the discussion. The article reads: The Grammy-winner admits that her toddler can be […]

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