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"Dearest Renee

Your blog makes me sooo happy - because I identify with most of it!  (Except I'm a first time mom)

I had a breakdown in my gynecologist's office at my one month checkup and was immediately put on postpartum depression meds.  I started crying when I had to change my boy's nappy right before we went in for the appointment and when she asked how I was doing, me, myself, I started sobbing and for some reason kept on saying "I'm sorry, I'm okay" when really I wasn't!

I also thought I knew what to expect from motherhood - but oh no, I was sooo mistaken.  Never in my life have I loved someone so much, but sleep deprivation and hormones make a terrible combination.

My son is now 15 months old, I am a working mom who feels guilty & heartbroken for not being able to spend more time with my boy, and I love reading and using your advice, especially since it's coming from a Christian perspective.

I am now busy with setting the stage for obedience - I love your practical advice.

Thank you for your amazing blog and emails!  (When I don't get time to read your blog I at least catch up on your emails!)"
Natalie S.

Renee [At]